Thursday, 1 December 2011

We had our PCI last Tuesday (29/11/11) all went really well. Not too much to fix up lots of paint touch ups, 2 tiles, render was on the list but the guys came and did our render during our PCI, Hight of flood light on garage, and ive saved the big one to last, due to the bricks we choose they have dicoloured all our mortar, so Nawkaw's mortar treatment has been booked for next week. I have been told this is like a paint that is hand painted over all the mortar. This takes aprox 2.5 days to do. Apart rom that render looks fantastic.

Handover has been set for 2 weeks time, deliverys have been booked, Blinds to be installed booked, Dandy air booked, truck has been booked. We have been very lucky to be able to have handover at our house and not head office due to distance, so in this we can get our deliverys on the day of handover. ( Some companys were about to start charging us storage fees.)

I will post more photos soon.

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